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Is a security camera a violation of a neighbors privacy?

San Diego, CA |

I have a neighbor whos security camera is pointed at my house. She has made comments about being able to see me while I am inside my house. It is a camera that has a remote to move it, and she spys on me. Is this punishable by California law?

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I'd first ask her to remove it before getting all the attorneys involved and maybe ask he how she would feel the other way around. If she doesn't, write a certified letter that if she does not you will seek all available legal remedies under the law and ask the court to order attorney's fees. Remember you are neighbors and don't want to end up in a long term fight.

The above is general information and one possible way to fix your situation, it's not specific legal advice.

Matthew Williamson


Generally, you can video tape any area that is visible to the public, but you cannot tape the interior of someone's home. If your neighbor can see you inside your home then the camera needs to be moved. As suggested, you should appeal to your neighbor to move the camera, but if she refuses to do so you should contact an attorney for further guidance.

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