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Is a repo man suppose to knock on door so owner can get belongings out of the car?

Perris, CA |

Say car is being repossessed and the owner is at home what is the procedure for the repo man? Is he suppose to knock on owners door to give them a chance to retrieve personal belongings from the car? They say they sent notice but nothing was received what rights does the owner have?

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They are not required in CA to give any notice. They are required AFTER they take it to inventory the belongings and give you a chance to get them at a reasonable time and place. They are also required to give you a Notice of Intent to Sell (NOI) which tells you how much you owe to "reinstate" your loan and/or to pay it off (redeem it) and give you 15 days to do and another 10 if you request it. There are more hoops they need to jump through and there are plenty of laws they cannot break when taking the vehicle including breaching the peace. It may be wise to have an experienced consumer protection atty give a low or no fee review to see if they can help.