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Is a real estate company aloud to take pictures of you if a house is up for sale and you did not give them permission to

Zanesville, OH |

take pictures? I was in my bed clothes and they posted it on different websites and then when ask about it they said that they would remove it from all websites. But it would take several days, in the meantime individuals from different states contacted me about the pictures that were still on the sites.

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Where you inside or outside the house? If you were outside, anyone can take photos of you and post them anywhere without your permission, they just can't make money off your image without your consent. For a successful lawsuit, you would have to prove to the court you suffered economic damages--I don't know how you'd do that. It's "allowed" not "aloud". Aloud is when you're saying something out loud.

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I would agree with my colleague above. If you were in public, you do not have much of a legal remedy.

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