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Is a public intoxication considered a "traffic Violation?"

Houston, TX |

I am applying for my General Lines Insurance License and as a part of the form, it asks about Crimnal Past but says to exclude all traffic violations and First DWI.

I have gotten 2 Public Intoxications.

1) deferred ajudication about 6 years ago
1) that I plead no contest to about a year ago.

When it asks "Have you ever had ajudication deferred on any midemeanor or felony charge of offense in texas? must I mark yes?

Have you ever served any period of Probation for any midemeanor or felony offense in Texas? must I mark yes?

Isn't a Public Intoxication the equivalent of a traffic violation? is it catagorized as one?

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Public Intoxication charge is usually not considered as a traffic offense in any state.You must answer the question on deferrment as written.Please check with for a lawyer near you I do not practice in Texas and this answer is for general information purposes.

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Public intoxication is not a traffic offense. It is a violation of the penal laws of Texas. It means that the person accused / convicted is a danger to themselves or others.

Some times people think it is the same as a traffic offense because it has the same penalty penalty as many traffic offenses - it is punishable by a fine only (except after 2 or 3 offenses it becomes a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine up to $2,000.)

If you received deferred adjudication for public intoxication, the truthful answer would be yes, you have received a probation (and yes, you have a conviction for Class C public intoxication.)


You are probably safe in marking no to being on probation, you weren't it was a deferred. Traffic violations are class c misdemeanors and usually aren't traceble, just like P.I.s.