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Is a non-compete agreement enforceable if the employer breaches the contract

Orlando, FL |

My employer changed my pay structure without my consent. There is a clause in the contract stating that the salary can be change unilaterally by my employer. That change has represented a cosiderable decrease of my salary. Is the contract still enforceable?

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No competent lawyer would pretend to give you definitve advice about a contract without reading the contract. That being said, it is hard to understand your question, because you seem to say that the contract allows the employer to do what you are unhappy about. If this is the case, the employer would seem to be complying with, and not breaching the contract. Good luck.

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This answer should not be considered specific legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship. Generally,the answer to your question really depends on the terms of the contract you signed, if you are not sure if your employer breached the contract, you should have an attorney review the contract for you before you would do anything that is prohibited by the contract.