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Is a minor a misdemeanor or a citation?

Mankato, MN |

I am a college student and I got a citation for underage consumption last night. The officers never stated that this was a minor, they just handed me a ticket and I walked away. I am looking at the ticket right now and at the top it reads "citation" what does this mean?

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The actual paperwork I'm your hand is the citation; however, you are bring charged with a misdemeanor. If you elect to go to court and challenge the citation, then you may have an opportunity to resolve this without resulting in a criminal conviction. It is in your best interest to seek help from an attorney to thoroughly review and handle your case. A conviction, even for a misdemeanor, can have a negative impact on your life.

I hope you find this information helpful and I wish you the best of luck.

Andrew Leone


Hello. A citation is a legal paper served upon a person notifying her/him of a charge and a requirement as to a court appearance. A misdemeanor is a type of offense that is lesser than a felony. A misdemeanor level offense may be punishable by jail or fine or both. There are types of misdemeanors. A petty misdemeanor is a violation of a statute that does not rise to the level of being a crime. I urge you to seek attorney counsel with no delay, as the attorney helping you may advise you to take certain proactive steps aimed at improving your position right away.

Minnesota licensed attorney


Often, both. A citation is a Summons to court as an alternative to arrest. A minor consumption is a misdemeanor crime in Minnesota.


In your case the citation is the charging document for a misdemeanor.


Mr. Gallagher is correct.

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Both. It is a misdemeanor. In Minnesota, police have the power to charge crimes by citation. So you are charged with a misdemeanor crime.

The Supreme Court has designated a minor as a 'payable'. What that means is you can pay the fine and have it reduced to a petty (noncriminal) offense. The plus side is obviously that the reduce the charge to a non-crime. The downside is that paying the fine is an automatic guilty plea. So paying the fine waives your right to fight the case.

If you have any doubt about how you'd like to handle this, call a lawyer for some one-on-one advice.