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Is a juvenile record that is expunged after a diversionary program is completed, still on that person's juvenile record?

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It was a charge of petty theft. I was 16 years old and in Pennsylvania. After the incident I was sent home while I was told a police report was made. A week later I had to go to the police department where I saw my juvenile citation where it said I was charged with petty theft, no fingerprints either. The police department referred me to a community youth aid panel, where I completed things such as an essay and showed how I learned how it affects the community. After completing my youth aid panel obligations I was informed that my record would be expunged and charges dismissed. As far as I know no courts were involved, but I'm not sure. I am 19 years old now and this occurred in Berks county

And just to be clear, the circumstances I have explained would be an example of NOT being an adjudication of delinquency? Is deferred adjudication good for me in this case? Also according to the panels mission statement: For those who do not, their entry into the formal system only causes a backlog of cases, increases the stigma associated with “being arrested”, and creates a permanent criminal history for the juvenile offender.

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Completing the Youth Aid panel is always a good choice. In many cases, the citation is prepared but not filed, so there is a chance that there is no record at all. As the previous poster stated, an attorney in the county where you were charged will be able to check this for you. If a citation was filed your completion of the Youth Aid panel will certainly be looked upon as a factor in favor of expungement.


An attorney can check to determine if a citation was filed in district court. If it was, expungement is not automatic and you should have the attorney file an expungement petition in court to have your record cleared. Good luck.


You should contact a local criminal attorney who can look into the citation and whether it was filed. If filed, they can then take steps for expungement.

Good Luck!

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