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Is a home owner's insurance company responsible for a injury sustained due to alcohol intoxication at their home?

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If a young man (23) is at a house party in Ct. and the homeowner (father to the party thrower) throws everyone out, the young man is diagnosed with alcohol intoxication after he leaps from the motor vehicle on his way home. Is the homeowner responsible in any way for this injury? The alcohol was consumed and provided for on his property and the homeowner was aware of the extent of the intoxication when he asked them to leave.

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First, you should contact a local and experienced personal injury attorney. An investigation would need to be conducted. What do other partygoers say? What did the parent know and do before having people leave? Did the parent facilitate and help the condition occur? Where police called? At the end of the day, 23 is legal majority and accountable for ones own actions.


Those are questions which need to be answered by a lawyer in your area. The law regarding this issue varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


Much more information would probably need to be known before a definitive answer can be given on this type of situation. These situations are very fact sensitive. A personal injury attorney in Connecticut should be consulted and made privy to all of the facts.

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This is a tricky one. What you're talking about is, the owner of the home knew he was to drunk to drive but let him drive anyway. There is more information needed before a definitive answer can be provided, such as

1. Was the homeowner present the entire time of the party, or was the homeowner aware that the party was being held at his home?

2. Did the homeowner purchase the alcohol for the party?

3. At some point in time, did the homeowner realize the young man was intoxicated and continued to allow him to drink alcohol?

3. why did the young man leap from the car?

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