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Is a High School Club tax exempt? Are we part of the school, and do we get to use their 501c3, tax exempt form?

Saratoga Springs, NY |

I am the President of NASA Club at Saratoga Springs High School in New York. We have gone to B & N to ask to do a fundraiser. They have said that we are eligible to do the fundraiser because we are part of the school. My school won't give us a copy of the tax exempt form. Nobody knows why, maybe they don't trust us. My mom is a good friend of the superintendent, and all it would take is a single email to him saying that we need it, to actually get it from someone. But first I have to know if my school club is tax exempt? Any help would be great. Thank you.

Also let me explain the club. We are basically an aeronautical engineering club. We are raising funds to build a rocket. We are not profiting out of this. The club is designed to give a learning experience, as well as to help get in to college. The funds that are raised are used to buy parts for the rocket, pay entrance fees, and buy software. The school manages our money.

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You can piggyback in through the school's 501(c)(3) status, which can be granted to an educational institution. But, they have to include you as part of their status. There are a few ways to fill out the paperwork, but you do need their form.


Even if for some reason you are not deemed part of the school's tax exempt status, or you have a hard time getting the paperwork to prove that you are, you can take advantage of a friendly tax-exempt organization's fiscal sponsorship. I am sure that in your club you have plenty of "pro" online researchers, so shame your unresponsive school administration by finding another org willing to support you with their fiscal sponsorship,
Best of luck!

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