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Is a father responsible to pay his son's college student loan under SC child support laws

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My step son was in college for 5 ys and had student loans. He was a baseball player and never worked during school or in the summer. He did not graduate. He is upset because his father will not pay off his loan of 46,000. He was 18 when he entered school. The loan is in his name but his mother told him his father has to pay because of the divorce. Divorce degee states his father not ask ex wife for any financial assist toward his college expenses and that father will give full support to son. Father paid car payment, car ins, phone bills, food and taxes for son while was in school. Can dad be sued to pay his student loan?

The checks were issued to the student and he spent the money on tuition, apartment living and entertainment.

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A parent is not obligated to pay anything after the child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever comes later. This is unless there is specific language in the Divorce Decree stating that the father will pay for college.