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Is a failure to appear on a bench warrant for back child support a felony in PA, if so what class is it?

Lancaster, PA |

If someone is a fugitive from justice with the charge of failure to appear on a bench warrant having to do with back child support, is this considered a felony in PA, and will they extradite an inmate being held in New York State for this? If so, what is the potential jail time with no prior felonies ?

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It is not a criminal violation at all. It simply what it says it is. A warrant issued by the judge before whom he was supposed to appear to address failure to comply with a support order. Extradition on such a warrant seems very unlikely, but support orders can and will be enforced by other states so he could end up in jail in NY for the same thing.


Mr. Jones has it right. The defendant should retain an attorney to resolve the underlying support matter as it will continue to haunt him.


I agree. It is not a criminal violation. I also don't think extradition will occur. The potential is still for some jail time but not likely.

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