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Is a DWI considered a felony? if so how long until its banished from my record, if at all?

Jacksonville, NC |
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Without knowing more information, it is difficult to answer your question. And I am not licensed to practice law in jurisdiction. With that said, generally speaking, the first conviction is a misdemeanor. It is only subsequent convictions that turn this charge into a felony. In Michigan, where I am licensed to practice law a drunk driving conviction stays on your record for life and cannot be expunged. I suggest you contact a local attorney to help you further.

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Scott Reizen.


In North Carolina, DWI is a misdemeanor. It will always show up on your record if you are convicted. It can be used to enhance the punishment for you if you get another one. All employers are different as to how they look at a conviction for DWI.


No, even if it is a 2nd or 3rd offense, a DWI is normally only a misdemeanor. It will stay on your criminal record permanently, even though the DMV driving points eventually come off and you get your license back.