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Is a DUI considered a "petty misdemeanor" on a job application?

Chicago, IL |

I am currently working and am applying for a different position within the same company. Part of the application process asks "Have you been convicted of a non-juvenile crime in the last seven (7) years? You are not required to disclose violations, infractions, petty misdemeanors or summary offenses. So i don't know if I should answer yes or no.

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Probably not. DUI is a class A misdemeanor (lower levels of misdemeanors include class B and class C), which is the highest level of misdemeanor possible.
It will depend on how your previous DUI was charged as well as the outcome of that case. If you were given supervision, for example, you haven't been convicted.


It depends. Were you convicted of DUI or was the DUI a summary Suspension by the Secretary of State? Only you know.

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