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Is a doctor obligated to inform police if someone is writing fake prescriptions ?

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We think our friend is writing her own prescriptions . A prescription fell out of her car when she dropped the kids off at the house . We brought to the doctors attention . She wouldn't give us any information only asked if we were giving her permission to look at the bottle . This girl was a patient of this doctors at one point . Also this girl worked at a doctors office for a few years so she knows the system

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If you know that a crime has been comitted, you can report it to the police. They will conduct an investigation, if warranted. You say, "friend" ?? The doctor should not release PHI to you while you conduct your own private investigation.

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It is possible that the physician is obligated, particularly now that you have brought it to her attention.

In addition, if you have cause to believe a crime is occurring, you can also take the report forward to the police. If you have any doubts, seek legal advice from a local attorney.

I am licensed in New Mexico and Pennsylvania, and therefore any discussion of issues related to other states must considered within that context. In addition, my comments are not intended to create a legal representation but merely to respond to the limited facts presented by the question. Any opinion herein is not meant as a precise statement of legal rights or as a recommendation of any particular course of action. A more complete legal review can be obtained through local counsel.

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