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Is a divorce decree in India valid in US? How to file for change of Marital status in US once my divorce is finalized in India?

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My wife and I are going through divorce proceedings in India (where we got married). I work in US while she is in India now. Will the divorce finalized in India be recognized in USA?

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Yes if the divorce decree complied with the applicable divorce laws of the country where it was granted. Try to obtain a certified or otherwise verified copy of the Indian divorce decree which, if not in English, has been translated into English. Take the divorce decree and any translation to any state or federal agency that needs to be notified of your change of status.

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It is unclear what you mean by "file for change of marital status". If your divorce in India was valid; then you are divorced. If there's some entity, insurance company, or perhaps Social Security that needs to know that you are no longer married, it will be sufficient provide a certified copy of your India divorce decree.