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Is a disorderly conduct citation for possession of a marijuana pipe automatically expunged when the guilty party turns 21?

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I am under 21 years old, and the offense happened recently so I have yet to receive my citation. I plan on pleading guilty and paying the fines so I can avoid traveling home for the hearing. The offense occurred in a public park in Montgomery County after dark, but all I was cited for was disorderly conduct. I'm concerned about how this will look on my record and if it would appear on a standard background check from employers.

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It will not be expunged automatically. It will need to be expunged



Ok, that's what I thought. Will the offense appear on a standard background check?


No it will be a conviction and expunged when you turn 21. You are being foolish. Speak to a criminal defense attorney and protect your future

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Expungement is not automatic. If you plead guilty to the DC, your record will show a conviction for a summary offense. You must then wait for 5 years from the date of conviction before you can file a Petition to Expunge. You must also remain "free of arrest or prosecution" during this 5 year period to be eligible for Expungement.

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Since this ticket is a summary offense that will presumably be taken care of a the district justice level, it will NOT appear on any rap sheets or criminal checks that potential employers do. You may have to answer questions about it if asked. You should take to a lawyer.

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It can be expunged after 5 years from the date of the pea as long as you do not get into any more trouble. You should seek an attorney to handle this for you.