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Is a conversation(text) "about sex" between a 17 years old and an adult illegal in NY?

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Provided that the age of consent is 17 and no photos exchanged, can someone bring charges against the adult for having such a conversation ?

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It sounds ok as the age of consent is 17.

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No, provided it is consensual and not harassing, threatening or otherwise unwanted.


Age of consent in NY is 17 so the person is not a minor.

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17 is age of consent in NY. Just because its legal doesn't necessarily mean its a good idea. While the law may consider this person an adult, I am sure her parents still think of her as their child.

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If this is in NY, as others stated, the age of consent is 17. However, I would caution you to not have this discussion on the internet if that is what you are proposing.

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Whether you meet a girl in person or online in a chat room or on a social media website, dating site, or on CraigsList you do not know if their stated age is accurate. If the girl is a minor it may be a crime to entice her or send adult oriented sexual content. Why don't you just find a nice girl who you can verify is over 17 and have a relationship with her without using a computer as that is full of danger.


There is no issue under the parameters you discussed.