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Is a confession of adultery to multiple third parties as well as me adequate proof of adultery in a divorce case?

Blacksburg, VA |

I have no photos, letters, emails, etc. However, my husband confessed to at least one friend that he was having an affair. His paramour confessed to at least two people that she was having an affair with him. They both confessed it to me.

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It certainly could be depending on the nature of the confession. The best course of action would be to hire an attorney to assist you with the divorce and depose the paramour to get the confession on the record. Good luck.

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A confession in this situation could be adequate proof of adultery in a divorce case. You don't need the "smoking gun" of pictures of the actual affair, just that you can convince the court with clear and convincing evidence that the adultery did in fact occur. The biggest hurdle is the requirement that you submit corroborating evidence beyond the statements of you and your spouse to prove your case. The confession of the paramour would be corroborating evidence. I would consult with an attorney to determine how best to proceed.

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I agree with the previous answers. Confessions to multiple people should be sufficient. Keep in mind you can probably obtain additional evidence through the discovery process.