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Is a certified name search good enough for uscis?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have an immigration interview for my I-485 and was asked to get a disposition letter. I was arrested 4 years ago and bail out but when i went to court to get a police report and disposition letter they told me that i didnt have anything on file and wasnt charged with anything all the clerk was able to give me was a name search. It said "my search has disclosed no case filed for the aforementioned name. Is this good enough for the uscis?

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The police arrest report would not be available at the court where you went; instead you would need to go to the arresting agency and request the police report from them. The certified letter from the court indicating you do not have anything filed against is good; however, USCIS will want to see the police report and if you have any charges filed against you. Advise seek counsel who can do an FBI background check and also there are various things an attorney can do to check your record more broadly and see what, if anything, you have filed against you. Seek immigration counsel who has experience in criminal matters.

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A certified court disposition is good, however further documents might be needed. The larger question is whether you are inadmissible to the U.S. A foreign national can be inadmissible (not eligible for I-485) if he has been convicted of, admitted to committing, or admitted to committing the essential elements of certain crimes. My colleague is correct in that you'd be best advised to speak to an immigration attorney experienced in criminal matters.

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