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Is a California DUI considered a class C misdemeanor traffic violation in Texas? No one was hurt and no property was damaged.

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I am applying for my RN license in Texas and the application asked if I've ever been convicted or have any pending criminal charges. It says to exclude misdemeanor class C traffic violation but was not sure if my DUI from California falls into this category. My case is still going thru and I have yet to be convicted. Anything insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It will be better to disclose than to try to come back later to try to explain why you think Texas should consider a DUI as a moving violation. Then you can do it on your terms. Especially since you have not been convicted (and ultimately may not).


Is a DUI in California punishable by jail time, or is it only punishable by a fine? A Class C misdemeanor in Texas is punishable by a fine only; my interpretation of this would be that a crime in another state that is punishable by a fine only would be considered the same as a Class C misdemeanor.

Still, this is difficult because a DWI in Texas IS punishable by jail time, and if you don't disclose it you run the risk of the licensing agency finding out about it anyway and treating it the same as a Texas DWI, meaning you'd be lying about it.


Your DUI in California is considered the equivalent to a class (b) misd in Texas. If it wasn't reduced to a wet reckless it's the same a a DWI in Texas.


Erick Platten