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Is a business liable for injuries sustained in slip and fall because of ice and snow

Springfield, IL |

if you slip and fall on at a business on their parking lot and it's covered with ice and snow, can you sue even though they didn't put salt out

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Slip and Fall cases can be tricky and are fact specific. More facts would be needed to determine if you have a case. How severe was your injury? Did they plow the parking lot? Did they take any effort to clear the parking lot? Contact a personal injury lawyer as they generally don't charge to discuss a personal injury case. My contact information is listed below.


Slip and fall cases are among the most difficult of personal injury cases. While you did not give enough facts to allow a certain answer to your question, in general, there would be no liability for 'natural' snow and ice build-up, so you would have to show the snow and ice build-up slipped on was 'unnatural,' that is, some defect in the parking lot caused the build-up.

If you believe you have a case, you should obtain the services of an attorney to pursue the same without delay, as there is a time limit to bring cases.


I agree with my colleagues, slip and fall are difficult cases and based on your facts, I don't think that the business is liable since the ice and snow were visible by whomever fell and it happened outside in a parking lot which in Illinois is well known that snows. That would make every business negligent every time it snowed and customers drove to their parking lots. I am sorry but I don't see a case. You should contact a local attorney since I do not practice in your state.

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