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Is an attorney needed when filing for Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage ?

Chicago, IL |

My husband is a US citizen , I have a LPR status and we've been married for 6 and half years , although we are living separate for about two years now, he lives in New York and me in Chicago. I eventually thought we might be back together, but our live have parted different directions , became more as a friends and we decided to get divorced. We are on very good terms , and both agreed on everything so we thought the Joint Simplified Dissolution would best for us since we have no children, no real estate and we agree to all terms. My other questions are:
1. Do we have to file it in the same county we got married ( DuPage) or could it be done in Chicago ?
2. Could we do this on a walk in basis?
3. Would divorce affect me in any way when applying for US Citizenship?

Thank you

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You do not need an attorney to file for joint simplified divorce. However, there are strict guidelines before you can qualify. Please review those guidelines: You will file in the county in which you resides, not the county where you got married. You cannot get divorced on a walk-in basis. Divorce might affect your application for cititzenship so you will want to ask that question of an immigration attorney.


1 File in the county you reside
2 No
3 Repost just your third question in "immigration" on AVVO

The answer given does not imply that an attorney-client relationship has been established and your best course of action is to have legal representation in this matter.


No, an attorney is not needed for a Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.



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