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IRS Lien partially paid but lien still shows full amount

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I recently paid $20K out of a $50K trust fund recovery penalty. The credit reporting agencies still show a $50K lien. What do I have to do to have the IRS update the lien to the lower amount?

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The IRS will show satisfaction of the lien once it is paid off. I do not believe the IRS will update the amount of the lien based on partial payments. Be sure to consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.

Robin Mashal

Robin Mashal

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They will not update the lien. The Lien will stay there until it's paid off, or until they need to re-file it. (or other circumstance such as a discharge) If a pay-off balance is requested, you will receive an accurate pay-off balance through the date indicated, and use that to show anyone that you do not owe $50,000


The lien is filed for the whole amount due at the time of filing the lien. The credit reporting agency can be asked to update the account to show in addition to the lien the amount currently owed on the account. The lien itself will stay on the record as originally filed with no change in the amount of the lien.

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