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International Student Giving Baby Up for Adoption

Orlando, FL |

I have an 18 year old friend who is an International Student from Cameroon in Africa. She was raped and now she's 6 months pregnant she's currently in Louisianna for the summer and is seeking to give her baby up for adoption. What does she have to do? Can she appoint someone a legal guardian?

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Adoption and Guardianship are two different things, as you might imagine. Adoption is permanent and will terminate her parental rights. She should consider speaking with an attorney experienced in adoption so that she may consider all of her options. My social worker or I would be happy to speak with her and she may call us toll free at 888-883- 6830. You're also welcomed to call for her to gather some information. Please ask for Madonna or Marilu. While an adoption plan could be made at the last moment, it may be best if she starts the process now so that she has time to receive counseling, select an adoptive family, meet with them if she would like and prepare.

All the best

Madonna M. Finney
Board Certified Adoption Lawyer

Irene Arfaras Steffas

Irene Arfaras Steffas


I agree with my colleague - just want to clarify that there is no international or immigration issue with respect to the baby. Madonna Finney is an excellent Florida attorney.

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