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Internal employee vs temporary employee

Capitol Heights, MD |

I have a position that requires great customer service and technical skills. currently i have a temporay employee performing thoses duties but we need to convert this position into a full time. The problem is that while we encorage our fulltime employees for advancement within the company; we dont have anyone within our company in different departments who meets not just the minimum qualification of the positon. is it illegal not to hire the internal full time applicant and intead offering the position to the temporary employee? interviews already conducted.(Maryland)

clarification: we have enough compentent full time employees in our company that would do great in this position, It's just that no one with better qualifications applied.

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Under Maryland law, you can hire whomever you want to hire, so long as you are not basing your decision - in whole or in part - on an individual's race, sex, religion, national origin, or other protected status.