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Interesting Situation - Out of state driver driving friends car in phoenix......

Phoenix, AZ |

I am from Georgia. While in Phx I was driving a friends car. He recieved 2 photo radar tickets with my picture. In order to not put any burden on him, I replied to them with my drivers licence info. They sent me the 2 citations via mail. Does this mean he is fully cleared if I choose to ignore them? Is there any way they can go back to him for any reason?
I am prepared to rip them up if I know for sure they cannot go back to him for any reason.

Can anyone advise?
Thank you!

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I'm not sure I would advise you to "rip them up." If your friend can prove that he was not the driver in the photos then he is cleared. I do not know of any way they could come back at him as the owner. To ascertain this you need to consult an AZ attorney.

And your citations will eventually show up on your driving record in GA. If you fail to appear a warrant will issue for your arrest. I would advise you to defend or pay these citations.

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