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Intensely stressful situation please help

Grant, FL |

I am a victim of domestic violence-in the same 2 week time frame I was also in a horrific car accident and was attacked by another person at a park and have a fear that something was put into a soda he gave me before he attacked me. I am also 7 months pregnant and have been expieriencing signs of preterm labor. My soon to be ex also has another case pending for posession of marajuana with intent to sell. Because of the stress and confusion I've been under and the non stop pressure from the police and dcf I tried to have charges dropped and let the state deal with him. The second I wrote my affadavit- in which I stated everything that happend minus he did it- I also had a previous abusive relationship which I felt I may have confused different parts of the events that occured-DCF came and took my 2 other children and stated I was putting them in danger.I have been lied to and threatenend several times by DCF and the police.I feel attacked. My husband also has a top notch attorney and a list of faults from my past like me taking my mothers pain pills for him under his cohersion and fear and smoking a little marajuana during the pregnancy and taking a pain pill or two not my prescription-his- before I knew about my pregnancy. He also stole his mom's jewelery told me to pawn it - out of fear I did- His mom know's about this and will not press charges. I'v e been under so much stress I know if I testify That will come out . I have supervised visitation in my parents in laws home with my children- I am fearing not getting my rights back because I made these mistakes even though I am taking parenting classes looking in to counseling and doing whatever I have to do to better myself as a mother so I can be there for my kids. It is even tougher for me because I live with my husbands parents and although they support me and see that without my husband around I can be a wonderful mom it's still there son- they are angry and feel he is wrong but would rather see him in a mental facility than jail where at least he can get the help. Please help me. I don't know what to do- I feel like me as the victim I am being persecuted too. I've mistakes but I am doing what I can to fix them.

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