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Insurance company offers me $500 for pain and suffering. I think it should be more..

Chicago, IL |

A car blew a stop sign and caused an accident with me. I had to get a CT Scan, missed 2 days of work and had a horrible headache for weeks.
Insurance company offers to pay medical bills and $500 for 'pain and suffering.' I think it should be more than that but I'm not sure the protocol on car accidents and what I am entitled to considering the severity of the accident.

Thanks foryour reply. I contacted a personal injury attorney and he said I would be paying him more than I will probably get in a settlement. My uncle is a lawyer, though not personal injury and he said to tell them my lawyer said the offer is way too low and if they would like to speak with him, to give them his number. I plan to counteroffer them considering I did once and they increased it by $300. I just more or less need to know what to say and how much to basically, demand. My injuries were to the head, my head hit the mirror on the ceiling of the car, causing headaches and minor bleeding from a cut. No permanent injuries, CT Scan came out clear and headaches have subsided.

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I'm assuming you are not represented by an experienced personal injury attorney which is already your first mistake. I'm sorry but the average person does not understand how adversarial this process is, and that the insurance company will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and inexperience in any way that they can. You may not even realized you have been taken advantage of, or when you do it will be too late.

You have not given enough information here to assess your situation, but I would suspect that your feeling the offer is too low is correct. On the other hand, by presumably being unrepresented, you give the impression that you are not serious about going forward with your case.

Most experienced personal injury attorneys offer free consultations and take these cases on a contingent fee basis. Help yourself, and get a good lawyer.

The author of this post is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. This post is intended as general information only, and is not provided as legal advice in connection with any specific case, and does not create an attorney-client relationship.


You should not try to handle this yourself, anymore than you should have your uncle, who does not do personal injury, handle it.

Get a qualified, experienced injury lawyer NOW and stop trying to justify why an insurance company is giving you the runaround. The simple answer is they are doing this because they can because you clearly are either going it alone, taking advice from someone not familiar with the field, or don't know what you are talking about.

Face it; the system works best with lawyers. You don't have to like that answer but that is the way it is. Brain surgeons perform brain surgery, brick layers do masonry, and personal injury lawyers do that pretty well. Do not try this alone or with inexpert advice because insurers will eat you alive!


Your question, including the additional information is difficult to answer. What were your injuries? Do you have permanent injuries? Have you received an impairment rating from a physician?

John J. Clark is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida. This post is intended as general information only, and is not provided as legal advice in connection with any specific case, and does not create an attorney-client relationship.


After working primarily in the area of personal injury law for close to 35 years, it sounds to me like the offer being made is insulting, but some people prefer to avoid litigation at all cost and are willing to take what I call "chump change".

The ordinary CT scan runs several hundred dollars, and the cost of a radiologist to read it runs yet more. No doubt you had some other medical care. I have no idea what the value of the time you lost from work might be, but some people lose a good bit of money in two days off.

But most importantly, I have no clue how long your headaches persisted beyond the horrible stage, no way to guess how long it was until the rest of your injuries resolved. These are the sorts of things that go into "pain and suffering". I have no idea how your injuries affected your normal life. Only by conducting an interview can I get a realistic scope of what the value of your claim really is.

But I know one thing for sure: it's more than $500 for pain and suffering beyond the amount of your medical bills from the limited facts that you've given.

Get to an experienced lawyer as soon as you can. I'm not chasing after your case necessarily. But try to find someone who isn't just wet behind the ears to guide you. If you don't, you are just going to be taken advantage of by this insurance company all the way.

Donald Nathan


The bottom line is that you're more likely to get a fair settlement if you hire an attorney. Insurance companies know this and negotiate differently when an attorney is involved. If you need help finding an attorney who will take your case, give me a call. I have a few questions, but I should be able to refer you to someone who can help. 1-312-346-5320.

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Hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer almost always doubles the settlement value of the case. And, it cuts down on the hassles, roadblocks and horsing around the insurers do to the victims like you.

Recently, I had a case that settled for more than twice what was offered initially, and it was settled in 30 days from my involvement because the insurer did not want to face having to go to trial against me. And.....this is after the matter had been in claim for 20 months.

Call a skilled attorney. Put this in the right hands.

Alan Brinkmeier


Insurance companies will try to settle quickly and for small dollars if you do not have an attorney involved. Some (unnamed) companies actually have internal policies and procedures that promote such conduct by adjusters.

It's almost certain that if you hire a competent Personal Injury attorney, that you will get an award significantly greater than what they are offering you. Furthermore, the attorney should be able to negotiate your medical bills so that you only have to reimburse the hospital for a portion of the incurred bills.

The end result is that you will end up with more money in your pocket if you hire an attorney than if you go at it alone. Ask your uncle for a referral or hire a qualified attorney from this site.

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