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Insurance Claim

Indianapolis, IN |

I lost my rental hosue i was renting to a fire in Oct. I have not heard anything from my claim adjuster since the rest of my belongings was returned I also have electronis that dont work. What type of lawyer do i need?

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I would recommend a general practice attorney. You need to determine what you insurance policy covers. After consulting with an attorney, he or she should be able to tell you what options you have. The attorney would want to send a demand letter to the insurance company. If that doesn't work, your only other option would be to file a lawsuit. I'm not sure how much money you are out as a result of the fire but you will most likely have to pay your attorney a retainer. Best of luck to you.


Hello: I am sorry to hear about the frustrating experience that you have. A general practice lawyer with experience in insurance matters. You can expect to be requested to obtain a copy of the fire department/police department reports, proof of ownership concerning any of the items for the items that you are claiming were damaged, and you may need to provide a sworn statement to the insurer.

Good luck.


You do not say what type of insurance you had but will assume it was renters insurance. You need an attorney who handles 1st party insurance claims. If you have not already made a claim, you should do so. You need to see what your policy covers regarding electronics as to coverage for property that may have suffered smoke damage.
As for the fire - if it was started due to someone else's negligence - you would have a claim against that person. This would be important in order to be reimbursed for losses not covered by your renters insurance.

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