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Insurance claim

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Was driving on the road at night a car that was facing me suddenly changed lanes, came to my lane and made me loose controller of my vehicle I suddenly found a deer in from of me ( I assume that is what the other driver was avoiding) avoided it, hit a tree and injured my self. The other car did not stop.
I filed a claim, met with the addjuster and said exactly what happened only to find out a few days later that my case was assigned to anadjuster from the special investigation dept.
what is going on, what should i expet and what shoul i do.

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Claims of "phantom vehicles" are sometimes investigated more carefully by insurance companies because some people may use that fact scenario to try and get a recovery for what was, in reality, a single car accident (where, e.g., the driver fell asleep). People who make such claims falsely do so at the risk of being charged with a felony in Florida. If the accident happened as you said it did, hire an attorney and stick to your guns. Your PIP should cover some of your medical care and if you have UM it may go further.


Special investigation department may mean they suspect fraud. You need an attorney. You can check out a guide to selecting an attorney at


There are often crashes that occur from phantom vehicles (at fault drivers who do not stop at the scene) or animals that enter the roadway. You would still be entitled to make a claim. However the fact that they have assigned a special investigations adjuster means they will likely question the claim. In any event you should make sure you are represented by a lawyer who has skills in that area and can guide you through the process. It is important to preserve any evidence avilable - photos of the scene, vehicle damage, etc. There may be an issue as to how the crash occurred and what the physical evidence shows.

The information provided herein is not intended to be legal advice and no attorney-cloient relationship exists as a result. Before relying on any advice, please consult an attorney.


I answered this same question from you in detail yesterday.

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Contact a lawyer, tell the truth. As other attorneys have said, SIU means that they are questioning the validity of your claim...unusual circumstances or suspecting fraud will trigger an insurance company's SIU involvement.