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Injunction violation dismissal

Ormond Beach, FL |

If a person has an injunction against you, and you may have violated the injunction, how can you get the violation dismissed? The person who the violation was against and the hearsay witness neither want to show up to court. The hearsay person, is a person, a message may have been given to the defendant too. All parties are related and now I also have proof the alleged victim lied in the first court case for the injunction. Does the person have to drop the injunction.

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Get a lawyer. It sounds like there are some things that have been going on on both sides that could cause problems if you don't have a lawyer.

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I urge you to get a lawyer. You do not want to lose this one. There is too much he said she said


A person does not want a judge to find he or she has violated an injunction. I practice in Daytona if you need additional information. I strongly urge the accused to seek representation prior to the hearing.

The information does not create an client/attorney relationship and is for general discussion purposes only. All persons are advised to see a lawyer for a thorough review and consultation regarding their case.

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