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Inherited a house with a mortgage, went to refinance, bank found another lien from a personal loan from 2001 that matured in

Mount Dora, FL |

2006. probate atty said that since its 5 years past maturity , there are papers we can file through the court to have the lien removed. need documents with instructions.

the personal loan was not with a bank but with a private individual, however , the house was used as collateral. we assume the loan was satisfied because they havnt contacted anyone or visited the house in over 5 years, we just dont have the release of satisfaction that the bank needs for refinance and cant find the individual. probate attorney is not assisting with this matter as it was paid for 2 years ago and put through probate. cant afford more attorneys fees. upside down with this house.

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To "file through the court" means initiating a quiet title action. This could be expensive and take several months to complete. If you think that the loan has been paid, you should call the lender to get a satisfaction. If you cannot find the lender, you should talk to the title company doing the title work for the bank. Ask them if they can delete the exception in the title policy because the mortgage in now unenforceable. Only when you have tried those things should you bring an action to quiet title.

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thank you for the advice, so far it sounds like the most common sense thing to do as we are supposed to close in 9 days.


Your probate attorney will have anything you need. Ask him/her.

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If you pay a little more, the probate attorney will handle it for you.

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I agree with the previous answers and sometimes a quiet title action can clean this mess up. You will need to file a lawsuit and then serve proper notice to the individual and that may take some time or special permission from the court. Then if they have a valid claim they have to come prove it or you get to remove the lien. It is not self help law and it will take some time but it is possible.
Good Luck

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