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Infraction ticket

North Hollywood, CA |

I was issued a ticket for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana the ticket was an infraction, I went to court and plead not guilty, since I showed the officer my medical marijuana card, but he never called the 800 number to verify it, and was given a trial date, I miss marked my calendar and didn't show up, will there be a warrant issued for my arrest? should I go to court on Monday? what are my options? please help!

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There probably will be just be a judgment against you for the ticket amount due to your failure to show up. Go to court on Monday and try to straighten it out, but do not expect the court to cut you a break. Still, you should try. It might work. Your options depend upon what happens on Monday. You might just want to pay the ticket, as it is an infraction and not a criminal record.


You need to go to court first thing Monday morning and add yourself back to calendar. Find out if you have a conviction for the infraction. Each county has a different procedure on how you can add yourself back to calendar. Be prepared to explain to the court why you missed your last court date. If you ended up with a conviction for an infraction and the court agrees to set it aside, you can then go on to present your defense, including your medical marijuana card. However, none of this applies if you were charged with a misdemeanor. If you were charged with a misdemeanor, you should definitely seek counsel before you pursue this yourself.

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Thank you for the response, I'm afraid to drive, will there be a warrant out for my arrest? or a hold on my DL? this was not a misdemeanor, it was an infraction. thank you again.


If this is Van Nuys there might also be a warrant or civil assessment against you. You need to go to court Monday and straighten this out. Go to clerk on second floor and find out where it stands.

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