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Informing ex spouse of the children’s whereabouts at all times

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According to the final judgment "Each party is to advise the other of the children’s whereabouts at all times, and provide a telephone number where the children can be reached."

How informed must you keep the other party?
Must I disclose every activities that are completed with the children such as going to the playground, grocery store, or theme parks?
Am I am going to have to notify my controlling ex whenever I step out of the house with the children?

I am co-parenting with a controlling ex

Thank you.

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You need not have to disclose to the other parent where your child is at every minute 24 hours a day. When both parties are exercising their "regular" time-sharing people have their daily routines, school, shopping, activities, etc. The only time you need to provide the other parent with an actual itinerary is when you go on vacation/have to go out of town with the child. I think any Judge would see that as reasonable. I do not put langauge like that in any Final Judgments that I draft or that I review for my client.


General whereabouts are fine not every single moment of your life. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659.

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