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Information I need to include on my immigration DS-260

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I won the Dv2015 and filed the DS-260 Application . My last name in passport is Mahmoud . However my last name in high school certificate and university certificates is Mahmoud Ali because my country uses a different way when it comes to last names from the USA . They use the first 4 names at times or 5 names at other times . So my name in passport is mentioned in 4 first names while in graduation certificates it is used in 5 names form . ! I want to include this information but do not know how ?!

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Normally your birth record/certificate controls. After that, if the birth record is unclear, the passport controls ... school records have little value.

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You should consider hiring an attorney. The inconsistency in the name may be explained with an affidavit and attaching supporting documents including school records.

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