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Info about t non immigrant visa / i 914 application

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I applied I 914 application and had to leave USA due to father's brain tumor, asked USCIS to expedite, got no response, so left USA. Got RFE after few months, replied back and gave them overseas address, it was written on RFE request they would take decision after 60 days. I called USCIS after 90 days they said the application is still pending, USCIS received RFE in May and I can change address as USCIS doesn't except overseas address. They didn't reject the application or they just don't update status on these kind of applications. Now should I come to US or not and change address or should I presume that my application is considered abandoned as I left USA. I gave them evidence that I made 3 requests to expedite my case as it was emergent situation. Is there any hope?

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Are you still actively assisting a law enforcement agency?

If so, you should talk to your contact there.

Unfortunately, asking the government to expedite never guarantees that they will say yes.

You may also want a private consultation with an attorney, to have him/her review your paperwork.

Franco Capriotti - Senior Immigration Counsel

IMMIGRATION LAW PROFESSOR for 10 years -- LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

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