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IndyTaxservices, charged my credit card without providing any service.

Washington, DC |

Recently i contacted Indyservices, Indianapolis, IN for my tax preparation, they took all my data including my Visa card details. Then they charged $150 from my visa they never provided the service which they supposed to.
When i contacted them first they said they did not charge my card, i conference my credicard customer support then they accepted that they charged mine. Then they come up saying that they sent some copy to some guy(not me) with same middle name( first name and last name of that guy is not matching to mine) for that service they charged my card then they sent other guys tax returns doc to me and said i should not contact them any more. Its so strange. So how can i proceed on this? Here not only money matter, they behave so rudely and used unprofessional language.

There was a typo, It is IndyTax services.

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I would be very surprised if under these circumstances your bank did not allow you to charge back. It appears, at least as I understand it, that they admit that they did not provide the service you paid for.

What does your bank say about it?

Alternatively, I would say this is a case for small claims court. Check and see if DC allows you to bring an out of state defendent in their small claims court. If so, do that. If not, you need to consider whether for $150 it is worth spending any more time and resources on this, but I would certainly report them to the BBB,, etc and let people know that they took advantage of you. So long as you do not lie and make up stories you are free to express your opinion of their services publically.

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I have all evidences( A detail email chain of around 50 emails and bank transaction). Here more than money the way they behaved is matters to me. I want them to realize /apologize for what they did. Above all the lady(owener of IndyTax Services) Mehanaz Qureshi was yelling on me for her mistakes, which frustrated me most.

Frank A. Natoli

Frank A. Natoli


Why is your bank not charging back the $150?


First try to get the charge undone by your credit card company. If that doesn't work sue them in small claims court.


I'm sure that if you took your proof of payment to the business, presenting the owner with a copy, then they would surely give reimbursement, in lieu of going to court. It sounds like things got heated during your last encounter. Just keep calm, and talk it out. Everything is easier that way.

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