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Incorrect social security number on legal document submitted in court

Springfield, OH |

I was convicted of two seperate incidences 1M in 2003 and 2004. Im trying to get them expunged off my record and noticed on both cases they have the incorrect social security number. What should I do?

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The Ohio Supreme Court has instructed clerk of courts to redact social security numbers from court documents. The best thing you could do is find an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you with sealing (expunging) your two convictions -- I have had several potential clients who decided to "save some money" and handle it themselves, and then they call me asking to help them appeal the denial of their motion to seal. If it had been handled correctly the first time, there might not have been the need to file a lengthy -- and expensive appeal.

If the cases are sealed, it won't matter what social security number is written on the documents.

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