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Incarserated serving 60 day on a probation violation. How can i expedite the process to get work release, or tether

Pontiac, MI |

Do i need an attorney or can i do the paperwork my self or have someone do it on my behalf? If i need a lawyer, Do you know a good one, how much?

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I would suggest retaining an attorney.


You should hire an attorney. The price depends on the attorney, and the work involved.
Good luck.

Contact me at 248-702-5303 for a free consultation. My answer to this question is for general informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. You should seek the assistance of an attorney to determine the best approach and potential consequences for your situation.

Robert E. Harris Jr.

Robert E. Harris Jr.


Most criminal defense attorneys are good enough to do what you need. I can't believe you would suggest that YOU do your own paperwork and expect to be taken seriously.


Get an attorney familiar with the court and judge. Be prepared to show how you'll conform your behavior to the order of probation.

The answer to this question does not constitute legal advice nor does create a client relationship with the attorney answering this question. For more specific advice regarding your situation, please consult your lawyer.

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