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In what circumstances does Facebook have to give the demandant confidential information (i.e. account propietary, page admin) ?

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I mean, is it easy for somebody who takes legal actions to request Facebook that kind of information?

For example, if a fake account was created and I want to demand the owner, can I ask Facebook to give me all the information in order to proceed?
I'm asking because I heard that it's hard to reach that information unless it's a serious case (violation, death, harrassment and the like).


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Generally, a person who has filed a lawsuit against another person may, through counsel, subpoena the business records of a third party within the jurisiction of the court, if what's in them might lead to the discovery of admissible evidence and the records are not otherwise privileged. If the third party is outside the jurisdiction of the court a more cumbersome process is involved, which involves invoking the assistance of a court in the other jurisdiction, usually a sister state.

Not legal advice, just general information. I don't practice law in California or hold California licensure. If you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer who does.


File a lawsuit against John Doe, prove that John Doe did something that you can due for and get damages, and then get a subpoena for the records. Expect Facebook to fight such a subpoena.

In the meantime, file a complaint with Facebook to get the profile taken down.

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and, does it have any cost for the demander?, it seems to take a long time, doesnt it?