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In the state of Washington can an RV park legally take possesion of a tennants RV for being 2 months behind in rent?

Kennewick, WA |

Tennant was never served papers issued by the RV park or the court and signed by a judge to pay back rent or vacate the property of the RV park. Would this be a case in which the landloard wrongfully stole the tennants dwelling and may be prossicuted for theft of the tennants property? What RCW gives the landloard the right to take possesion of personal property not belonging to the RV park and place it in the RV parks storage area to be held in exchange of back rent.

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There is no "right to seize the tenant's property". If the landlord took the RV, you start with a replevin notice that spells out that you expect the property to be returned immediately. Keep a copy of the notice.
Landlords who engage in self-help open themselves up to significant liability by taking matters into their own hands. You need a lawyer. Elizabeth Powell

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Agreed. Also make sure you find a tenant's rights lawyer who is up to speed on the entirely separate set of rules applicable to mobile home parks. Also be prepared to provide proof of what exactly this "RV" is. Not all houses on wheels qualify for the mobile home residential landlord tenant act. There is however no way to assess your situation without a complete review of the entire file, pleadings and at least some investigation as to how this whole disaster took place.

You NEED a lawyer. If there is a judgment in place, you will need to get that set aside. If the landlord does not give you back your mobile home or personal property you will likely need a lawyer to force the issue. If you don't have money resources you might consider calling the local bar association and ask if they operate a housing justice project, or perhaps a neighborhood legal clinic where volunteers can help you understand, evaluate and select options for legal relief. Another possibility is Columbia Legal Services or Northwest Justice Project. Both of those are public interest nonprofits which pursue abuse of tenants as their budgets permit.

Don't just settle for any lawyer. Get one with experience and knowledge in mobile home park space rental issues. Any one of the above agencies can help you find a lawyer with the right experience.