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In the state of WA can a landlord do a housing inspection for no reason other than they want to "look around"?

Camano Island, WA |

My landlord is storing some of their belongings in our basement and said they needed to come get a few things. They gave 2 days notice but I requested that they call at least 1-2 hours before coming. When they got here they said they needed to look at all of the rooms upstairs and look throughout the house for no reason other than an inspection, is this legal? Do tenants not have a right to privacy or can landlords do an inspection of all areas of a house whenever they want?

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The relevant statute provides that the landlord can enter to inspect the property so long as they give 48 hours advance notice and don't abuse the right. Your situation is a little unusual as your landlords have personal property in the basement.

However, there is a sub statute about giving notice of a landlord's breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, and asking a court for relief. I routinely advise people *not* to get into a battle of the rights with their landlord, because in the long run, the tenant will likely lose such a battle.Writing to them and pointing out that you value your privacy and you feel invaded when they announce they just want to look around (or maybe they think you are growing pot or raising hamsters) and tell them it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps they don't know. Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell


I agree with Ms. Powell and you should try and let them know you feel invaded and perhaps that will sink in.

Good Luck

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