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In the state of NJ when does a DWI/DUI appear on the an motor vehicle report? Does it only appear after conviction?

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I am interviewing for a job and I was told that they are going to run an extensive background check along with my motor vehicle record. Just FYI this is not a driving position and my court date is not for another 2 months.

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New Jersey Supreme Court directive 1-84 requires that a DWI matter be resolved within 60 days (more a goal than a requirement). So I do not know how you would have two months between court dates. That said, the V should not appear on your abstract until a conviction or guilty plea.

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I agree with Mr. Abate. The "v" does not appear until the conviction. This is because you may beat the DWI or end up with a different charge. Only a charge convictions appears. My guess is your attorney has requested the data download or a video from the state police. Those things can take time. Good Luck



Thank you both for your assistance.


There is one way that someone can locate an active traffic citation (including DWI). By searching NJMC Direct, this information can be obtained. However, the person must know in which court the case is to be heard and the license plate of the car that was driven. Otherwise, the information will not appear on the driving abstract until a conviction occurs. Then, the information is reported to the motor vehicle commission on the day of the conviction and sentencing.