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In the state of Michigan can I leave home at 17 years old without parent consent?

Romulus, MI |

I don't get along with my mom's boyfriend. I haven't since I was 12 years old yet I knew there was nothing I could do about it. Well I'm turning 17 in a few months and I feel like finally it's my big break. I want to go stay with my grandparents and finish school over by where they live, unfortunately, my mom won't let me because she doesn't want to let me go. People have been telling me stories about how they left when they were 17 and their parents called law enforcement and they said that they could not bring them back home. I've been doing research on if I can or not but Michigan is such a confusing state when it comes to the age of maturity. So I was hoping if you could help me out? Please and thank you! ( also would I be able to sign up for school if I left?)

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Legally you can't until you are 18 but in reality it is most likely no one will do anything.


You are not an adult under the definition in the State of Michigan until you are 18. If you leave, you can be forced back home because you are still a child. If you want to live with your grandparents and your parents do not agree, then you need to stay with your custodial parent. If you want the Court to step in, you will need to have your grandparents file for guardianship.

Wait it out. You are still a child under the law and it will likely be enforced.

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