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In the State of Michigan, If you own a home, a senior over 71, & low income, can you be totally exempt from paying property tax.

Detroit, MI |

September 23,2010

In the State of Michigan, If you are a homeowner, who is a senior citizen over 71 years of age, & is considered low income (under $10,000.00 annually). Can you be completely exempt from paying property taxes or is there any help for seniors in this area at all. Detroit, Michigan.


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No, if you own a home, you owe property taxes like everyone else. Sorry. Tim Klisz


No, you would still need to pay property tax.

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I am a senior but the waiving of your property taxes has nothing to do with your age. Apply at your town hall where the taxes are paid. You must apply by some certain month in the spring. You will need to prove all of what you pay out and your income. All I know is I have done it up north when I was unable to pay because of a temporary circumstance. Call your clerk to find out cause I am not sure if all towns do this......


Not totally exempt, but you can get a refund of all homestead property taxes in excess of 3.5% of your income. At $10,000 annually, that would be $350. Most areas allow you to defer your summer tax due date so you can apply for that credit before the winter taxes are due.