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In the state of Michigan ..I moved out of the home took all my belongings it's been two months..I was told I have to move back.i

Westland, MI |

I was told I have to move back in until the court proceedings start....

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I am assuming the court proceedings have to do with your leaving the rental before the lease was up. If my assumption is correct, no, you don't have to move back in. Consult with a landlord-tenant attorney prior to the hearing to find out your rights.

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I have never heard of that requirement. Who told you this? Be sure you consider the source of the information. You really need a landlord/ tenant lawyer. If you can't afford one, contact the local legal aid association and perhaps you can qualify. Alternatively google "tenant's rights" in your area and maybe there is a local organisation that can be of assistance.

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In Michigan there is no requirement that you have to move back. You may be liable for the rent until it is relet. Perhaps this is what someone was trying to tell you. I would not listen to whoever told you this and consult an attorney.