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In the state of Louisiana, does the administratrix of an intestate succession have a lawful right to di-sect property(land) ?

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administratrix of an succession,cut up existing lots and purchased a piece for herself, to benefit herself without other heirs permission or getting courts permission to disect !

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This may be perfectly okay, or it could be a real no-no. You need to check with a local attorney and provide him/her with a copy of all relevant paperwork and the facts. Was the administratrix an heir? Was the property taken as part of her fee? There are too many unknowns. Dividing up the property is probably not going to be a problem. Either that would normally happen or the property would ALL be sold and the liquidated proceeds disbursed.

James Frederick

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Go the the Clerk of Court and get copies of all judgments and orders as well as the detailed descriptive list. Find an attorney with in 40 miles of you that has experience in successions and pay for a consultation.

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