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In the state of Indiana, if a father wants to sign off his rights is he still responsible for child support?

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My son was born January this year. I did not put the fathers name on the birth certificate but am in the process of establishing paternity with the child support office. I have not had contact with the father except to let him know that the baby was born and did not get a response. I have gotten several nasty emails from his gf stating that he wants to sign off rights. Does he still have to pay support?

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It is the universal fantasy of the deadbeat father (and their new girlfriend) that child support obligations can be avoided by voluntarily signing away rights. If this legal result were available, our courts would be swamped with the petitions of irresponsible parents, and the taxpayers would be supporting legions more children. If the day comes that the husband in your future stable marriage wishes to adopt (and undertake the legal obligation to support) the child, the rights of the biofather can be terminated. Until then biofather will have the obligation to support the child and, if he takes action to establish it, the parental rights of appropriate custodial access.

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