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In the state of Georgia, do pawn shops have to keep a record of who they sell a diamond to?

Snellville, GA |

My stepson stole my diamond (worth $1200/passed down from my grandmother) and pawned it for $50 to buy drugs. We got him to confess and tell us which pawn shop he took it to. It's been 60 days since he pawned it. They refused to give us any information about who they sold it to - just said too late, it's gone. If I file a police report, will the police have a better chance of obtaining this information? Do the pawn shops by law have to keep a record of who they sell something to?

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If you really want to recover the diamond, you'll have to call 911 and report it stolen. You will probably have to tell them your stepson stole it and pawned it, etc., to trace it to the new owner. Your stepson will be charged with a felony. The police may or may not be able to look through the pawn shop's records to find the buyer.

Even if you don't want to prosecute your stepson, you might still have to report the theft in order to recover from any insurance policy. An insurance adjuster may ask questions before processing the claim, and any answers you give insurance may be passed on to the police.

I do not envy your position. I don't think you can require the pawn shop to disclose its records to you without calling 911.

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