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In the state of Connecticut can I request alimony to be modified or terminated if my ex wife is living with someone else

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I am paying 1600 dollars a month to ex-wife. She is now living with a boyfriend, can I ask for the alimony to be terminated because she is living with someone

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The first place to look is your final divorce decree. There may be language in it that impacts whether or not your alimony is impacted. If the final order is silent, CGS 46b-86 provides that a court has the discretion to modify an alimony award and suspend, reduce or terminate the payment of periodic alimony upon a showing that the recipient is living with another person under circumstances which the court finds should result in the modification, suspension, reduction or termination of alimony because the living arrangements cause such a change of circumstances as to alter the financial needs of that party. Basically, the court has the discretion to consider modifying your alimony based on the fact she is living with her boyfriend. You will have to go to court to modify the order.

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